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ByteCode is a leading local & International Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services company that provides reliable and affordable SEO services. You can use our SEO expertise to take control of your organized placement on all the major search engines. If you have realized how critical SEO is, for your online success and would like ByteCode to boost your SERP rankings, then invite us today to take your project. Regardless of your business type, industry, size and target market, our SEO specialist will get you the best results. Whether your website needs to target ‘ Club Monaco of NY‘ or ‘Arthur Treacher’s of Florida‘, we will optimize your website for the most relevant and lucrative keywords that will bring in the terrific traffic you need.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services Description

Every website is different in more ways than they are similar hence smart & successful SEO is always customized SEO. This is why ByteCode creates and implements highly customized SEO strategies for our clients’ websites. A dedicated account manager works closely with you, so our analysts understand your business inside and out. We conduct a profound analysis of your business, aims, competition and various relevant industry elements. Your website is also analyzed to ensure its structure and content supports and facilitates your SEO function. We always deliver the top spot on the SERP for our client’s thanks to our customized SEO strategies that give you the competitive edge.

Our Affordable Search Engine Optimization Service strategies are based on

  • Keywords
  • Link building
  • Content creation
  • On page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • 301 redirects
  • Canonical URL’s
  • Usability and user signal
  • Local SEO techniques
  • Google maps and places
  • Google Analytics
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Duplicate content
  • Keyword cannibalization
  • Site architecture
  • Copywriting
  • And so on
Affordable SEO Services

Our Qualifications & Strategy


* We bring great organic search results through back-linking, URL page optimization, and familiar with utilizing the latest and best practices with Facebook Business Pages including all Social Media
*We Review and analyze the current website for areas that need to be improved – Improve site performance, develop primary keywords and target ad audience.
*Suggest content changes and improvements.
*Monitor campaign results and create reports detailing campaign performance – *Provide and organize SEO and SEM campaign reports – Optimize keywords
* Improve search engine marketing process – Continually monitor organic search rankings to increase traffic and leads.

Our main qualifications


  • We have proven a track record of high profile sites in top rankings positions.
  • We Understand search engine ranking algorithms.
  • We have Excellent analytic, organizational and communication skills.
  • We have the complete portfolio that demonstrates beautiful interactive experiences and innovative design.
  • We can work with constructive criticism as well as adhere to deadlines.
  • We have a work style that is extremely detail oriented.
  • We Have 300+ Positive Feedback, Please See it HERE, Our International work on Theme Forest
  • See a full listing of our available SEO services or contact us today to see how we can help your Business.

Why do you need Search Engine Optimization Service?


In your website, there may have the best design, but you do not have the visitor to visit the site that means you don’t have any business or profit. YES! We only do ethical/white hat SEO for your website to generate profit that is effective now and for the future. Below is the short description what type of Search Engine Optimization Service we provide?

What do we do?


SEO audit:  Audit is the 1st thing you should do for your business before you start any SEO campaign. Without having a list of your mistake, you can not solve your problem. We do technical SEO audit as well as offline marketing audit. Technical SEO Audit includes your all on-page errors that you have, and Offline marketing audit includes all off-page optimization errors include some research like keyword research, competitor research and so on.

On-page search engine optimization: A website can not get rank without having a great on-page Search Engine optimization.  Offline marketing can be in hell without proper on-page optimization. Here are the couple of mistakes that usually every webmaster does.

  • Poor Metadata
  •  Canonical issue.
  • Duplicate homepage.
  • Robots.txt error.
  • Sitemap confusion.
  • Page depth.
  • Page speed.
  • Script problem.
  • Hidden text.
  • Wrong UR structure.
  • Content issue.
  • Over optimized design and so on.
  • Rich snippets


In set-up phase, we perform these activities


  • Keyword Research.
  • Meta Development/Improvement.
  • Home Page Content Development/Optimization.
  • HTML Optimization (Site’s structural improvement, URLs standardization, Alt tags configuration, internal linking review, custom 404-page setup, text readability testing, robots.txt optimization, site’s load time review and CSS & HTML code errors correction)
  • Plagiarism checking.
  • Sitemap creation (both HTML and XML).
  • Canonicalization.
  • Search engines submissions.
  • Webmaster and Analytics setup.
[ewf-headline title=”TECHNICAL SEO”]

Your website is great, so why aren’t you ranking? Whether you’ve never heard of redirects and server architecture or you work with them every day, our experts are ready and willing to help you optimize your website’s technical presence. The bottom line is that the search engines can’t rank it if they can’t see it, and too many websites squander their crawl budget on redirect loops and too-large files.


Off-page Search engine optimization: Off-page optimization is the old method of SEO and still active. Google is changing their algorithm and off-page optimization process changing too. But that does not mean Off-page optimization has gone. Link building and reputation management are included in the off-page optimization.  We can perform perfect off-page optimization for your website.

Local SEO: In the last couple of years Google brought a lot of changes in their Local search Algorithm including their local search interface.  As we are expert OF SEO we do a couple of things for a local website.

** Getting links from Related TLD (like your domain is, you should get a link from ) that is the big factor in local search.

** Get listed in all local business directory. Sometimes people called citation.

** Co-citation is one of the local SEO factors.

** Great content. “Local searcher does not care how attractive you are, but they care what you return. “

Social Media Marketing:  Social media is one of the biggest ranking factors in search engine algorithm. Algo can automatically detect your site in social media and how you playing on social media. Social media and link building are closely related. We can manage your social media properly and convert social traffic as business.

Pay per click (PPC): Pay per click is a paid marketing process that, you have to pay for every single conversion or every single traffic. Google, Bing, and Facebook  has this option. We can mange your Google ad-words and Facebook ad campaign.

Reporting and analysis: You have done all the things we mentioned above and what is next? Yes, there is one more thing you should do and that is Reporting and making plan for keep going. We have a couple of premium and free tools those are helping me with making perfect report. Majestic SEO, Search Metrics, Google Web-master tool and Google Analytic. We are able to figure out your profit, growth and your website traffic behavior.

Remove Google penalty/ Link removal:  There so many websites getting link penalty from Google for having bad links. It is the normal punishment for link spamming. Sometimes it’s out to control. However, here is the solution. We can audit your links and manage them easily to submit a reconsideration request. We’ve taken out few websites link penalty and many more.That’s why we say we are the best SEO service provider in the world.YES! we only do ethical/white hut SEO for your website to generate profit which are effective now and for the future.Below is the list of services we provide for your site.  Click Here to Contact Us.

We Have 300+ Positive Feedback, Please See it HERESee a full listing of our available SEO services or contact us today to see how we can help your Business. If you have any question about our services, short course or long course, please ask it in our FB Group or using contact page. Also, you can see everything in our company website.

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